Speaking a language well is about having the ability to talk about your interests and express your opinions. This course is perfect for English speakers who simply wish to practice their skills in a fluid and comfortable setting. Take our film course and discuss movies, philosophy or aspects of history that you find interesting. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to read the Victorian classics and wish to be guided through the literature to broaden your English vocabulary. Maybe you want to learn more about indigenous groups of the world and their cultural practices. If you are a writer and want to brainstorm ideas for story development or need help editing the English, we can go through the process together. Whatever your passion, we will work with you to have a fun conversation class where you practice talking and writing about the things you are interested in. At the end of each conversation you will receive personal notes so that you can improve your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and overall comprehensive understanding of the material.

  • English Literature/ Book Club
  • Philosophy
  • Film Club
  • History
  • Conversation Class- Practice talking about everyday subjects in a casual setting

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